Hi-tech manufacturing solutions for


Whether you’re looking for high speed, high precision cutting machines to create very large patterns, highly efficient hot air welding machines for your PVC coated fabrics, or solid industrial sewing stations to create your quality tents & shelters, SMRE has the solution for your production requirements. Check out our fully automated multi-sealers for the continuous production of tent sidewall panels that join multiple PVC rolls and simultaneously connect keders or make pockets and hems for grommets. Fast, precise, and in a very reduced time frame, for a quick return on your investment.

Tents / Welding machines

SMRE designs and constructs welding machines to make tents in technical fabrics. Use your SMRE tent welding machines to produce large or even XXL sidewall panels or apply keders to your sidewalls. Increase your efficiency and drastically improve the quality of your production with your SMRE machine.

Tents / Sewing machines

Looking for a sewing station to apply a keder profile to the edge of your banners? Need a machine to put a decorative braid on your valances or make overlaps and pockets on fire retardant fabrics? Create tents, marquees and terrace covers in heavy PVC? We have the solution for you! Explore our sewing solutions here below.

Hi-tech manufacturing solutions for the sun protection industry

Discover the SMRE machines suitable to create your sun protection products.


Each of our solutions can be customized to your needs, write to us for more information or to receive a quote.