Hi-tech manufacturing solutions for

Roller blinds

Almost 20 years of experience and hundreds of machines built for market leaders all over the world secure our position as leading supplier of manufacturing solutions for the creation of roller blinds. SMRE supplies multiple-technology cutting solutions, welding machines to make overlaps, hems and pockets, or apply zippers to the edge of the roller blinds, and automatic linear sewing stations. Check out the custom-made integrated cutting and welding station for roller blinds we created for a leading manufacturer from Austria.

Roller blinds / Cutting machines

SMRE cutters are modular by design and can be constructed as large or as small as our customers require. With their built-in flexibility, they can be configured to meet an exceptionally wide range of cutting needs and install a variety of cutting technologies such as laser, rotary blade and ultrasonic knife. SMRE machines offer robust, extensively tested and thousand times installed cutting technologies for industrial applications and allow you to create roller blinds of the highest quality.

Roller blinds / Welding machines

Need to weld PVC-coated fabrics such as Screen or Soltis to create your high-end roller blinds? Make overlaps or pockets of superior quality, both aesthetically and in strength? With their unparalleled versatility, flawless technology and cleverly designed tools and accessories the SMRE machines rise to the challenge and allow you to create the sun protection products you desire.

Hi-tech manufacturing solutions for the sun protection industry

Discover the SMRE machines suitable to create your sun protection products.


Each of our solutions can be customized to your needs, write to us for more information or to receive a quote.