Digital cutting plotter with conveyor belt


After more than a decade of experience with heavy-duty cutting in a wide range of industries SMRE introduced the SM-330-TA. Originating from the symbiosis of superior control systems, a very robust machine structure, precision mechanics, and highly efficient cutting tools, the SM-330-TA was developed for the continuous high-speed cutting of CAD-patterns in PVC-coated textiles.

With specifically developed CAD/CAM software programs the SM-330-TA enables manufacturers to cut patterns of superior quality from an infinite range of fabrics and materials. And even though the SM-330-TA is a top-of-the-range cutting machine, it can easily be operated by unskilled workers.

Whether you produce pergolas, shade sails, tension structures, truck or swimming pool covers, tunnels, tents and shelters, tarpaulins, inflatable products, industrial doors, or wind breaker barriers, the SM-330-TA allows to cut and mark flexible PVC with uncompromising quality and to create highly professional products.


  • High speed, superfast acceleration
  • Specifically developed to cut flexible PVC
  • Multiple knives for heavy duty cutting
  • Solid industrial structure
  • Extremely strong industrial conveyor belt
  • Automatic setting of parameters
  • Exceptional productivity
  • Continuous cutting cycles
  • Creation of very large shapes in a limited space
  • Top quality parts
  • Vacuum power for total fabric control
  • A choice of precision tools
  • Unparalleled cutting quality
  • Effortlessly processes standard and jumbo rolls

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