Roll-to-roll cutting machine


To allow manufacturers to cut PVC panels with a highly efficient machine at an entry-level price, SMRE introduced the SM-321-SV, a very robust roll-to-roll manufacturing solution designed for the continuous creation of X-Y patterns directly from the roll.

Easy to set up and use, the SM-321-SV enables customers in a wide range of industries to cut and mark PVC-coated textiles with great precision. Whether you produce pergolas, tunnels, tents and shelters, swimming pool or other covers, containments bladders, industrial doors or wind breaker barriers, the SM-321-SV cuts and marks with uncompromising quality and allows you to make highly professional products.

If you’re looking for a highly efficient panel cutting machine, contact us to discuss your needs with our experts. We will help you choose the machine configuration most suitable for your production requirements.


  • Specifically developed to cut flexible PVC straight from the roll
  • Multiple knives for heavy duty cutting in X and Y directions
  • Multiple pens to mark in X and Y direction
  • Solid industrial structure
  • Entry level price
  • Exceptional productivity
  • Easy to use
  • Continuous cutting and marking cycles
  • Creation of very large shapes in a limited space
  • Top quality parts

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